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"you once asked me why i married your mother...

i married her because i loved her."

sarek & amanda
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fan works surrounding the relationship between sarek and amanda, spock's parents

The S/A community

Hello, and welcome to the Sarek/Amanda fan-community. We welcome videos, fiction, art, discussion, and any other thing you can think of that relate to the Sarek/Amanda pairing. Sarek and Amanda are Spock's parents, and the reason for his half-human lineage, as Amanda is from Earth. It is said that these two are one of the most enduring pairings in canon, and let's just face it: They're both kind of amusing as all hell. I hope you enjoy this community as much as I do.


* Do not start arguments, flame-wars, or unpleasant behavior. This is a Star Trek community! We are known for our ability to be docile in fan-groups, especially since (I would hope) we are all drawn together by a like-minded mutual interest (Sarek/Amanda).

* Please add a tag to your post there are 5 available tags, hopefully one of them will meet your needs:

fandom: discussion, off-topic: discussion, fandom: video, fandom: art, fandom: fiction